Success Human Resource Centre also provides other Human Resource function such as payroll services for payroll administration and payroll processing. Some companies will like to free themselves of the mundane and administrative task and concentrate on their core business thus often in search of a payroll outsourcing service. Here in Success Human Resource Centre, we will also fill in the gap to administer some of the organization’s Temporary or Contract staff salary and wages while waiting for headcount approval and managing them on the organization’s behalf.

Administrative task and statutory regulatory compliance will be a thing of the past for the organization as these will be taken care of by Success Human Resource Centre for their bookkeeping services are as followed:

  • Maintaining of employee payroll profile
  • Administer of leave application, medical records, all statutory leave etc.
  • Computing timesheet, allowances, reimbursement, staff claim etc.
  • Processing of statutory CPF contribution
  • Generating Salary Voucher
  • On-line IR8A submission